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Are you looking for ECU Remapping for your vehicle?


Engine remapping or chipping is becoming increasingly popular in the UK owing to its diverse benefits. However, it is a technically challenging procedure and requires professional expertise to derive the most accurate results.

If you have been looking for affordable and expert engine remapping Nechells, we recommend you to come to our workshop, Smart MOT & Service Centre. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who can efficiently carry out ECU remapping for any vehicle segment. Further, our charges are also reasonable and can help you save a great deal.

What is engine remapping?

Most modern cars are equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is basically an in-built computer with default software that controls almost all engine functions, like acceleration, ignition, emission, etc.

Now, this default software can be changed to suit specific requirements. Experts overwrite the existing setting and software with new and advanced versions to re-programme the car engine and improve its performance.

Benefits of engine remapping

Engine remapping Nechells comes with several advantages, like:

  • Increase in horsepower: Remapping increases your engine’s horsepower and offers you faster acceleration and increased control while driving at high speeds.
  • Enhanced torque: If your vehicle takes too long to achieve the desired speed, you must opt for engine remapping Nechells. It will help to improve your vehicle's torque and achieve effective pick-up.
  • Improved fuel economy: ECU remapping also helps to improve fuel economy as it enhances the engine's performance and prevents it from burning an excessive amount of fuel to offer a power-packed performance.

Please note: We only carry our remapping within the legal limits.

Why choose us for remapping?

Our experts follow a detailed procedure to remap your car's ECU. They understand your requirements and accordingly replace the old software of your vehicle's ECU with a new modified version. This new version is plugged into the OBD or on-board diagnostic port of your car, which overwrites the default settings with the new ones.

Therefore, please look no further for “engine remapping near me” and come over to our workshop.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call on 01213288302 or 07511188866.

You will find us at 21 Sandy Ln, Nechells B6 5TP.

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