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Are you looking for Detailing for your vehicle?


Does your car require an extensive maintenance wash and tinting?

Car detailing Nechells is then an apt solution for you. Smart MOT & Service Centre offers extensive car detailing packages according to your needs at affordable rates. Our experts work with the latest tools and machinery to conduct a thorough car wash and provide the necessary touch-ups in the shortest time possible.

What is car detailing Nechells?

Car detailing refers to the professional cleaning and washing of your vehicle’s interiors and exteriors. Our service covers specialist detailing and paint correction for a range of vehicles from various manufacturers.

It includes patching up existing scratches, hologram, removing, swirl marks and other marks on the car exterior. Using our in-house equipment, we ensure a smooth factory finish at highly affordable rates.

What do our services of car detailing Nechells include?

Courtesy of our professionals trained in advanced car detailing procedures, our comprehensive auto detailing services cover:


  • Washing
  • Waxing
  • Tar removal
  • Applying degreasers
  • Waxing or sealant
  • Cleaning the engine and other components
  • Dent repairs
  • Headlight repairs
  • Touching up scratches and marring on the car body exterior
  • Applying paint protective coatings
  • Application of PPF – Paint Protection Film


  • Vacuuming vehicle interior
  • Steam cleaning
  • Cleaning other components like door jambs, windows, mirrors, interior car roof
  • Wipe the dashboard, vents, console, etc.
  • Deodorising, etc.

Benefits of car detailing Nechells

  • Improved appearance
  • Protection from accidental scratches and rust
  • Eliminates any existing junk blockages, preventing overheating of any car component, etc.
  • Increases driving comfort and safety
  • Increased resale value, etc.

Other services

Tinting: It refers to the process of applying a protective film to your car windows. It serves several benefits, including:

  • Protection against UV rays
  • Increases privacy at the passenger rear windows
  • Maintains cooler cabin temperatures in summers
  • Holds the glass together in case of an accident
  • Aesthetics

Our experts adhere to the UK government guidelines while tinting car windows at our facility.

Maintenance wash: We also offer extensive car wash Nechells. Experts will wash the vehicle primarily with a non-acidic citrus-based cleaner to remove any grease and dirt on the car body. We use pH-neutral shampoo while washing your car.

This service includes washing the wheel arches, petrol cap, etc. Professionals will then dry the exterior with microfiber towels. Mirrors and wheels are blown dry with filtered air to eliminate any chance of accidental scratches. Further, we use a high-alcohol-content cleaner to clean the windows and give a glossy finish.

Our experts will then wash and disinfect the car interiors of any dirt, grime and bacteria using specific interior-cleaning tools to ensure precision and efficiency.

Why choose Smart MOT & Service Centre?

  • We regularly train our professionals with the latest trends and requirements of car detailing to ensure maximum client satisfaction and safety.
  • You can avail of our services without queuing by booking an appointment for car detailing Nechells online according to your convenience.
  • We offer our services for a wide range of vehicles at affordable rates.

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