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MOT is a Government-mandated annual test that assesses your vehicle's roadworthiness based on several parameters and ensures there are no underlying issues that can jeopardise your driving safety. The test is currently regulated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), formed in the year 2014, which has a series of guidelines that all MOT testing centres must strictly abide by.

Are you looking for reliable workshop that offers a comprehensive MOT Nechells?

Our garage, Smart MOT & Service Centre, is your ideal destination. We are an authorised MOT testing station and have a team of experts who are meticulously trained in this field.

Moreover, we use cutting-edge equipment and follow all the guidelines to accurately assess your vehicle's roadworthiness and safety.

Book a slot for Class 4, 5 and 7 MOT test Nechells

We conduct MOT Nechells for Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles, which include:

  • Class 4 – All passenger vehicles with 9 to 12 seats fall under the class 4 category.
  • Class 5 - Passenger cars, along with commercial vehicles, with 13 or more seats, belong to the class 5 category.
  • Class 7 - All goods vehicles with a Dry Gross Weight (DGW) of 3000 kg - 3500 kg fall under the class 7 category.

Key checks included in an MOT

Our experts will first a check your vehicle’s MOT history to identify any recurring performance issue. There are several checks conducted in MOT Nechells. Some of the most crucial checks are mentioned below:

  • Brakes

We conduct a detailed inspection of your vehicle's braking system to check if all its components, like the brake pads, discs, callipers, rotors, etc., are in their optimal shape. Furthermore, we also check the brake fluids to verify if it is within the recommended level.

  • Exhaust & emission

Our experts will inspect every part of your car’s exhaust system which includes, the catalytic converter, muffler, tailpipe, oxygen sensors, etc., and ensure there are no underlying damages. We also check the emission level to confirm whether it is free from SO2 and NO2 and meets the required environment-friendly standards.

  • Tyres

We also check whether the tread depth of your vehicle's tyres meets the legal minimum of 1.6 mm. Further, our experts will check if there are damages on the main treads or sidewalls of the tyres.

Apart from these, our MOT check Nechells also includes inspection of other parts, like:

  • Horn and number plates
  • Body structure
  • Wipers
  • Seatbelts
  • External and internal lights
  • Suspension, etc.

In case all your vehicle components meet the required parameters prescribed by DVSA, we will issue a VT20 “pass” certificate validating its roadworthiness for the next one year. If not, we will provide a VT30 certificate which will enlist details of all the failures and dangers associated with them (categorised as dangerous, major and minor faults).

If your car fails the check, you need to get all issues repaired asap. Unless your previous MOT is still valid, you are not allowed to drive the vehicle until all repairs are done and a partial re-test has been carried out.

You can rely on us for affordable post-MOT repairs and replacements such that it passes the retest without any hassle.

Hence, please look no further for an ‘MOT checker near me’ and book your appointment with us by calling on 01213288302 or 07511188866.

We are located at 21 Sandy Ln, Nechells B6 5TP.

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