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Are you looking for Hybrid and EV Repairs for your vehicle?

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and will, in fact, dominate the global automobile market in the near future. It is needless to say that this new genre of vehicle uses superior and unique technology and components to achieve enhanced performance and safety. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to avail of assistance from garages that specialise in hybrid repair Nechells.

Our workshop, Smart MOT & Service Centre, is one of the ideal go-to destinations if you have been looking for garages that offer Hybrid or EV repairs and replacements in Nechells. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and a group of qualified experts who are meticulously trained in this field and can conduct a host of repairs with utmost accuracy.

Hybrid and EV repair Nechells that we offer

Please note: The UK has the same set of road-safety and MOT rules for both fuel-powered cars and hybrid or EV models. Therefore, it is crucial to undertake routine repairs as well as replacements to ensure their roadworthiness.

At our workshop, we are equipped to conduct some of the essential checks for EVs and hybrid vehicles.

This includes:

      • Batteries: The batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles are widely different and more powerful than regular diesel and petrol vehicles. Our experts are proficient in carrying out a thorough inspection of your EV or hybrid vehicle's battery.

They inspect the wires, cables and charging system to ensure all the battery subparts are working optimally and offer a smooth car performance.

      • Brakes: Electric or hybrid vehicles use an electronic braking system that facilitates regenerative braking. This is quite distinct from the traditional braking system used in normal cars and requires specialised services. Our experts are fully qualified to work with EV or hybrid cars’ braking systems.
      • Air conditioning system- The air conditioning system of Hybrid or EV cars runs on a high-voltage compressor, and therefore, must be inspected with special techniques. Our workshop is equipped with advanced machines which are required in such cases. Further, our exclusively trained professionals can deal with the complex make and construction of your E.V.'s A.C. and carry out prompt repairs or replacements if necessary.

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