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Are you looking for Electrics for your vehicle?


Are you on the lookout for a reliable garage for auto electrics repair Nechells?

End your search at Smart MOT & Service Centre – a professional car repair workshop with experienced in-house technicians and top-of-the-range equipment. We conduct the necessary inspections to detect any electrical issue persisting in your vehicle and then suggest replacements and repairs accordingly.

We work on most vehicle makes and models. It is recommended to opt for services related to auto electrics Nechells from a trusted workshop as these require in-depth knowledge of the car’s ECU, wirings, circuits, and the likes.

What are auto electrics?

Auto electrics cover an extensive range of components, including ignition, heating and air-conditioning, dashboard indicators, and others. These need to work at their optimum level to facilitate your on-road safety and driving comfort.

When you opt for auto electric repair Nechells from our facility, our experts will tap into the car’s ECU to detect problems and perform the necessary repairs/replacements. They can also tune the engine systems to ensure top-notch on-road performance.

When should you opt for auto electric repairs Nechells?

      • Ignition issues: A damaged or faulty starter prevents smooth ignition. Despite a charged car battery and a functioning alternator belt, opting for auto electric repair is an ideal choice if you are unable to start your car.
      • Malfunctioning alternator: If you feel that your car’s acceleration is slower than usual, it can be due to a damaged alternator. Unable to distribute charge uniformly, your car lights can flicker as well.
      • The smell of burning plastic: Do you perceive a burning smell in your car cabin? It can be due to a wiring issue resulting in a short circuit. It would be best if you head over to our professional workshop for auto electrics Nechells immediately.

What do we do?

      • Perform auto electric checks using oscilloscopes, multimeters and manufacturer-specific software scanning tools to identify the issues.
      • Conduct inspections on steering, SRS airbags, ABS, etc.
      • Diagnose and replace faulty batteries, starter motors, electronic pumps, and more.
      • Repair auxiliary components, like lights, anti-theft-systems, driver assist systems, and others.
      • Installing any sensor or camera on the vehicle as required by the customer.

Why choose Smart MOT?

      • We offer dedicated and professional assistance to all searches for “auto electric repair garage near me”.
  • Online booking for prompt service.
  • We can provide OE-grade spares at affordable rates.

Contact Smart MOT & Service Centre

Reach our facility at 21 Sandy Ln, Nechells B6 5TP for auto electrics repair Nechells. You can certainly also give us a call on 01213288302 / 07511188866 for further details.

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